HR8 amendment was a hot topic last week and still is. The left reaches to make gun ownership by law abiding citizens almost impossible. Mental Health issues? Is HIPAA now being rewritten for exclusions to privacy?

The radical unchecked corrupt radical left is tag teaming with STATES. No one looks at their states. They believe that change only happens on a federal level. People need to pay attention to the fact that the Radical Left EMPLOYS your state elected members and law enforcement. North Dakota, a “red” state is a great example.

As far as the HR8 amendment, it would create a nice and thorough list of LAW abiding citizens that purchase guns lawfully so that if the GESTAPO LEFT ever won a Presidency in the future, as Speaker Pelosi made clear, and “Declares a National Emergency on Guns” they know exactly where to go and take guns back!

We have all seen the First Amendment being curbed over the past two years viciously and now our Second Amendment that is second for a reason… To Protect our First Amendment…is under attack!

North Dakota House easily rejects ‘red flag’ gun seizure bill

It doesn’t stop there. In many RED States across the nation POLICE are advocating to having more discretion of disallowing people to own guns. If your social media or estranged ex or nasty neighbor makes a call and says you are “unstable” they will have the right to go before a judge and demand a warrant in the name of “Public Safety” and strip you of any right to own a gun.

… the red flag concept, would remove firearms from those who have not committed any crime but are thought to be a ‘dangerous behavior risk’ for the future.

Gun Owners of America

The Bill going through North Dakota legislation indicates that a law enforcement officer can obtain a search warrant and take your guns if they submit a sworn affidavit stating they believe the person is “dangerous and in possession of a firearm”. Then, after they confiscate ALL weapons from the household, they catalog them and suddenly you go in front of a judge within 14 days and plead your case. The warrant? It’s done on the spot automatically – electronically with no hearing just based on the “evidence” provided to the judge — LIKE THE FISA WARRANTS. Let’s be clear, evidence in this predicament is an affidavit by the police officer who is judge, jury, and psychologist all in one at the moment of requesting the warrant.

It won’t say the report was done by a neighbor who hates your ugly fence, or the ex-wife that just lost custody and is jealous over your new girlfriend or someone you had a social media interaction with. Just an affidavit by law enforcement because you should just “TRUST THEM”.

Here is a clip that blew my mind watching the Chief of Police in Fargo pretty much advocating for a violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, even though he swore to uphold them. HB1537 an atrocity to Constitutional rights.

The Second Amendment states “..the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” Here, the police officer states (5:00) “The second amendment is not a free-for-all when it comes to gun rights”. Yes it is. Like he said, he is NOT a constitutional scholar because nowhere in the Second Amendment does it say EXCEPT WHEN.

Yes, Chief, your job would be easier if everyone is disarmed but blind trust? How did that work out for Danny Fuller of Devil’s Lake who was executed? Off his face, unarmed, unable to even walk a straight line, tackled by two police officers and shot in the back of the head.

Also in the spotlight for RED FLAG laws in the state of Colorado. Being a marijuana user, in the state where it is legal would also negate you the right to own a firearm.

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In North Dakota the most horrific in scale and size of criminal actions such as large drug rings, child pornography, and child trafficking are the actual law enforcement officers themselves. Recently, the Deputy US Marshal was arrested for child diddling and sentenced to 7 years and then the US Marshal of ND resigned in the middle of the night on December 31, 2016 (no “press coverage” of course) only to open up a pizza shop adjacent to the head of all Law Enforcement in ND, the AG’s bank? The Police officers and sheriffs who sell drugs? Rape children? Traffic humans? There is a lot of that going on in the state of ND. Why would someone just have #BlindFaith?

The Minuteman very eloquently made the following assessments and explains the unconstitutionality of such a BILL:

The Minuteman

If you get drunk at a bar with your buddy and you have it out – suddenly the police can say you are a danger and confiscate your weapons and any weapons in the house you reside in. This is incredible. Then, after 12 months you will have to PROVE you are not a danger at your own expense. This is another example of our Second Amendment under attack!

Here is Part 2 of this interview. Listen to the way the Police Officers infer that “Government knows best”. It’s now evident that people are being conditioned to bow down to government and blindly trust those that govern us appoint un-elected persons, like local law enforcement or the FBI to operate in our interests? There is a name for such a government structure and it is called socialism.

What they are saying is that they can PREEMPTIVELY remove your constitutional right to bear arms if they BELIEVE you are a threat to yourself or others. Where is the DUE PROCESS? We have seen that movie before.

There is NO DUE PROCESS because the law would provide them authority to electronically get a warrant to seize weapons and within 14 days you have to go to court to advocate for yourself to take back the weapons they have seized. Ex-parte has NO SAY. Kudos to Chris Berg .

The RED FLAG laws are a huge leap into a socialist government forcing citizens to blindly trust law enforcement. If the police knock on your door to take your guns do you think they will knock? Probably not. They will come in with a SWAT team to ensure they are “safe”.

The state of North Dakota is gun tooting and hunting nation. Kids even get time off from school to go hunting! This law failed in North Dakota.

NRA Calls Out Red Flag Proposal Over Lack Of Due Process Protections

These bills are being introduced by the Democratic parties (and their “Republican” counterparts) in states across the nation in attempt to give power to the state to decide WHO can enjoy the Second Amendment. President Trump in his SOTU said “America will never be a socialist country” and we are holding him to that. These laws are that of a socialist country and should be struck down instantly across the nation.

When the bill was introduced to the North Dakota house Rep. Karla Rose-Hanson (D-Fargo) said :

Our society balances the right to bear arms with the right for public safety.

Jamestown Sun

NO Karla, take your socialism elsewhere. The state of ND is the most socialist state there is! State owned bank, state mills… the list is endless in this “RED” state. The elected state officials are bluer than the sky which is breaking the ND GOP and in 2020 there may be a conservative party that will attract all those who are true Republicans. The ND GOP Group Facebook page has banned all true conservatives allowing many socialist and democratic persons to join in the conversation to push such ideologies. Interestingly, the administrators are part of the campaigns for Republican candidates but apparently, republicans are not allowed to criticize them.

I was banned from the page when I said putting weapons on unmanned drones is a violation of privacy and a danger to all of us. Why would allowing the police to fly armed drones around our houses ever seem ok?

North Dakota GOP member who was banned

I said that if any Republican votes for the RED FLAG law bill I will make it my mission to remove them got me kicked out too.

North Dakota GOP member who was banned

Those pesky peripheral democrats, turncoats, are teaming up with the radical left to impose socialist rules, laws and regulations through their cooperation with these “Republicans”. The sooner people realize that there are only two parties : Pro-America and Pr-Socialism, the faster we can remedy the ailments that plague our nation.

A recent post by The Minuteman titled “The Soul-Destroying Worship of the State” explains the voluntary forfeiture of constitutional rights in the name of “safety”.

The worship of the state is the worship of force. There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men. The worst evils which mankind ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments. The state can be and has often been in the course of history the main source of mischief and disaster.

Ludwig von Mises

We see this worship of state across our nation. People are looking to government to offer them jobs, housing, food and most of all healthcare.

On Tuesday February 26, 2019 on the Tore Says Show I will have Raheem Williams to talk about RED FLAG laws, right to bear arms and more.

Raheem Williams is the Policy Director for the North Dakota Young Republicans. He’s an active economist who has worked for numerous liberty-based academic research centers and think-tanks. He received his B.A. in economics at Florida International University and his M.A. in financial economics from the University of Detroit Mercy. He enjoys writing about all things concerning the preservation of American values.

Haley Kennington Contributed to this report.

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