This morning I saw tweets and an article making rounds on the internet calling Nancy Pelosi a fascist. It made my blood boil. Why? Definitions over the past decade have been skewed by the radical left. They have altered and transformed definitions to confuse the public.  The word fascism, is one of those words along with racist, Nazi, sexist etc. This is INDOCTRINATION. This is how this anachronistic implemented totalitarianism creates the mandate to reshape and mold the past in the image they wish to depict in the present.

Nancy Pelosi has hijacked the federal government; that’s why part of it is closed. She has unilaterally decided that our borders will be open, and now she has undermined this tradition of a president speaking before both Houses of Congress. The speaker of the House is an American fascist.

Mark Levin
Describes OUR government regardless of party since 1913

The Democrats INCLUDING Nancy Pelosi are not fascists, they use fascists to promote their agenda but the type of government they represent is Totalitarian. Why are my panties in a bunch about this? People that supposedly bat for an #AmericaFirst agenda should be about facts, staying true to well defined ideologies from 3000 BC that have stood the test of time. The sole reason our country is in such a position of divisive speech and allowing people like Pelosi, Ocasio, Omar and Rhashida to have any voice or platform in our government is by REDEFINING and skewing FACTS.

Our President ran on the premise of transparency embracing our values as a nation and securing the foundations of our nation the way our forefathers intended.

Totalitarianism is VERY different from fascism even though they share similarities. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we can rectify the problems we have. The Democrats and all previous administrations are by definition what a Totalitarian regime is. They attempt to control all aspects of our social lives. They control the economy, education, sciences, art, music, our private life (sexuality) and morals! This is exactly what they have and are doing. Think about it… they have invaded every single nook and cranny of our societal structure. The goal of a totalitarian government is to control the THOUGHTS and ACTIONS of its citizens. This is the diagnosis of our country of what ails it and what President Trump has tasked himself to fix.

They use the MSM to purport their impositions into our very being. This ideology was referred to by Plato as a soft dictatorship and fully defined by Giovanni Amendola in 1923. The term Totalitarianism was used to describe Communists and most profound was how Winston Churchill used the same term to describe Hitler.

We in this country, as in other Liberal and democratic countries, have a perfect right to exalt the principle of self-determination, but it comes ill out of the mouths of those in totalitarian states who deny even the smallest element of toleration to every section and creed within their bounds.” Many of those countries, in fear of the rise of the Nazi power, … loathed the idea of having this arbitrary rule of the totalitarian system thrust upon them, and hoped that a stand would be made.

Winston Churchill

A TOTALITARIAN government is what the Democrats represent. The dogma or foundation of their ideology is the prosopopeia of utopianism, scientism and politically justified violence. The aim of the Democrats is to have “scientific” support for their claims pandering on emotional triggers to push forward “ethical” governance by controlling culture, utilizing psychological violence and persecute all those who defy or refute their mandates.

In an era where we have a President who is seeking to provide power back to the people, we must be VERY careful to stay true to our bearings, history and most of all definitions. When people who support the notion of free people use strong and historically charged terms like fascism to define the Democrats of today they are simply perpetuating the agenda of the Totalitarian regime a psychological operation that is common practice.

Levin should correct or retract his loose and wrongful use of the term “fascist” if he is truly for a nation of free people. To make such a statement to a population of persons conditioned to kneel to a totalitarian regime may be down to lack of mastery in political ideology or that he may indeed batting for #TeamPelosi. That is how propaganda works, you make a statement and others repeat and the hive mentality kicks in. Infiltration to indoctrinate is the modus operandi of someone who subscribes to a totalitarian regime. I welcome any challenge to my statement and urge you to question it so that you yourself can discover how the access to the simplest information is all muddled and difficult to discern for that very reason.

The peculiarity of the totalitarian state is that though it controls thought, it does not fix it. It sets up unquestionable dogmas, and it alters them from day to day. It needs the dogmas, because it needs absolute obedience from its subjects, but cannot avoid the changes, which are dictated by the needs of power politics. It declared itself infallible, and at the same time it attacks the very concept of objective truth.

Literature and Totalitarianism George Orwell 1941

We must always question everything and stay true to facts. They have conditioned us to hear but not LISTEN. Listening is discerning altered dogmas that were once unquestionable. Small changes over time yield big results. You must be careful who you follow and question everything because it is from questioning that you can arm yourself with TRUE knowledge.

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