New Social Media Platform Parler News: Unbiased Alternative


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The news-based social media and content app Parler News has just launched and promises to bring an unbiased platform for all your social networking needs!

Parler News believes everyone who posts should be able to post as they choose, without any interference from subjective social media algorithms seen with other platforms.

Follow Haley Kennington @kenningtonsays and Tore @toresays on Parler News today! 

Download The Parler News App Via Google PlayStore HERE.

Download the Parler News App Via Apple iTunes HERE.

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6 thoughts on “New Social Media Platform Parler News: Unbiased Alternative

  1. Since Parler has taken over responses in social media, I can’t access anything. I can’t seem to connect to Parler nor can I respond to articles as I used to. Could you please let me know how I can continue to connect with the organizations and places I once was able to.
    Frances Weingarten

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