Monday, Google owned YouTube joined Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by deleting McInnes’ channel that had over 220,000 subscribers. 

In a statement on their page, YouTube defends their decision to remove the account from the platform due to copyright infringement. McInnes was given no further details.

“My ‘quitting the Proud Boys’ video explained my side and helped exonerate them. It had almost 500K views. It’s gone now,” McInnes said.

The liberal media has demonized the Proud Boys claiming the group, founded by McInnes, was little more than a hate group that pushed white nationalism. This, of course, is not the case with the Proud Boys. McInnes has stated several times that any member who attended any “Alt-Right” or white nationalist event, would be promptly banned.

YouTube’s decision to delete McInnes’ account comes on the heals of BlazeTV – which was formed after last month’s merger with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and Conservative Review’s CRTV – announcing that they would no longer be working with McInnes. This, after McInnes joined the company less than a week ago.

“Blaze Media no longer has a relationship with Gavin McInnes, and per company policy, cannot comment on personnel matters,” the company tweeted.

This past Friday, the FBI stated that they do not consider the Proud Boys to be an extremist group, which contradicted statements made by a law enforcement official in November in Washington state.

The Washington Post reported:

“A high-ranking FBI agent told reporters that the Western-chauvinist group Proud Boys, which has made headlines for its part in violent clashes in Portland, Ore., and New York, is not considered an extremist group, contradicting a report from a Washington state sheriff’s office that circulated in November.”


Many supporters of McInnes took to Twitter to let CRTV know they would be canceling their subscriptions:

Twitter user Miguel Castigador (@PatrioticMiguel) tweeted: “This was me moments ago cancelling my @CRTV on the phone. The rep asked why I was leaving, and you could here her not type a single thing. She could care less. I support #GavinMcinnes@TomiLahren@scrowder & @michellemalkin: not The Blaze or garbage #glennbeck#CRTV#GOML”

@SaraThatcherCA tweeted: “I will never trust CRTV again #CancelCRTV#BoycottTheBlaze#BoycottCRTV#GavinMcInnes#GOML#CRTV#BlazeTV#MarkLevin”

Twitter user IpsoPhakto (@Mcschweety) tweeted, “Glenn Beck Tries to Save Face, Says He Had Nothing to Do With Gavin McInnes Getting Canned.#CancelCRTV Never go back. We need abandon every platform playing these games with our free speech.”

Twitter user Degenerate Poet (@DegeneratePoet) tweeted, “@crtv is garbage for getting rid of Gavin. If @glennbeck is the cause, he should be outed for it. If not he needs to come out and explain why. Either way, I’ve canceled my subscription and so should everyone else that cares about supporting free speech. #CancelCRTV#CancelBlazeTV”

Conservative ideas and voices are being banned almost daily from social media platforms and video streaming outlets. Who will Big Tech decide is next to go? 

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