This evening Ukrainian senators approved Martial Law which President
Petro Poroshenko proposed to be in effect for 30 days.  The Ukrainian President announced on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, “We are at the brink of war with Russia.”

Notably, Ukrainian Presidential elections were supposed to be held in January but now that Martial Law was approved they have been moved to March 31, 2019.  

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The Naval Conflict Between Ukraine & Russia 

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Last week TORE SAYS reported that Turkey holds the “keys” to oil and gas pointing out that the EU is literally at the mercy of Russia once they are forced to impose sanctions on Iran. Yesterday, with news coming in from South America having captured – and in a unified effort arresting Iranian terror cells of Hezbollah and Hamas – it is becoming more likely that Iranian sanctions will be discussed at the G20 Summit later this week.

Reported by us last week, Turkey announced Turkstream’s completion last week which meant that oil and gas from Russia to be delivered to the EU was complete. 

EU OIL & GAS Stability Threatened by Increased Demand for Iranian Sanctions

When the pipeline contracts were drawn up, the country of Ukraine did not belong to the European Union. It was a sovereign entity thus, their GDP or economy was bypassed or not considered.  Norstream will cost Ukraine about 3% of its GDP, in addition, South Stream aka Turkstream will cost them an additional 1.5%-unless … Ukraine, and therefore the EU are in conflict with Russia.  This would permit the EU to break their contract with Turkey for gas purchase to directly receive it from their own home supplier- Ukraine. 

“ANTIFA” of Ukraine

The Russian consulate in Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine,was attacked with flares and debris by Pro-EU and Anti-Russia mobs.

“Ukranian AntiFa” destroying Russian Embassy 

A similar mobilization was also made in front of the Russian Consulate in Kiev. Protesters tried to storm the building and even light tires of cars on fire to then roll them onto the consulate grounds but were deterred by police.

No casualties have been reported but there is significant damage to both Russian buildings. 


The coincidental naval conflict between Russia and Ukraine coupled with the President of Ukraine concerned about being prosecuted when he exits office in January, and the EU realizing their access to oil and gas lies in the hands of Russia when they may be forced, post the G20 Summit, to impose sanctions on Iran is almost too convenient. President Trump is meeting with President Putin later this week in Argentina at the G20 Summit and will be the hottest topic going forward.

As of Tuesday morning, hours before martial law vote occurred and only 48 hours after the Russian/Ukrainian naval conflict, British troops with heavy artillery and missile guidance systems are increasing at the coastlines of Ukraine and borders shared with Russia. 

Coincidentally, on November 21, 2018, 4 days before the Strait incident occurred, the British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson announced he would be sending Royal Marines to train the Ukrainian army and marines.

Interestingly, it was only a little over two weeks about that Merkel gave a speech sounding the alarm for the necessity of an EU army.  It was at that time that the President of Ukraine submitted the request for martial law before this whole naval debacle happened at the Strait as reported by PatrasTimes on November 14, 2018. 

With Martial Law now in effect in Ukraine, beefing up their troops at their borders with their military but also from other EU member states and asking NATO to intervene, it is evident that the US will be called upon to sanction Russia and side with the EU.

Starting tomorrow we will once again revisit the #Russia narrative flooding our news streams because our President will not participate, fund or extend our forces to assist the EU in a game of chicken with Russia.  His #AmericaFirst policy will not waiver and the EU who doesn’t pay their NATO fees will be standing alone.  

My policy foreign and domestic is #AmericaFirst.

President Donald J. Trump

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