Who’s the Authority she spoke against?

Laura Loomer is a conservative journalist that is a “Boots on the Ground” reporter.  She is not driven by her advertisers or special interests.  Her only interest is to hold those that violate our country’s laws and constitution accountable. She is 100% financed by the people. 

Laura, like myself publishes many of her investigation pieces and stories through Big League Politics. Loomer has her own website and company called Illuminate Media

In September of this year she confronted the CEO of  Twitter Jack Dorsey, at the House Hearing.  As Loomer spoke and confronted him “FAKE REPUBLICAN” Rep. Billy Long disgracefully started to mock a citizen pleading to the House and her President to intervene.  His actions proved just how he views constituents in distress.  He drowns them out and mocks them. Missouri didn’t really think that one through did they?


Please help us Mr. President before it is too late!

Laura Loomer

Those were the words of a woman who could foresee like many of us, that social media, web hosting services, and other digital channels are slowly “curbing” Free Speech in the name of Political Correctness.   It is common knowledge among those that DEFEND the notion of Free Speech that all social media networks in 2018 have started to silence, demonetize and remove users that do not contribute materials and or content that is aligned with the MSM narrative. 

As long as you have something bad to say about Trump and the administration you will make money on YouTube the minute you don’t you get a message telling you that you are no longer eligible for ads.  

the late Jenny Moore

It isn’t something new.  In 2017 Diamond and Silk voiced their concerns publicly and suddenly many more were effected.  


Just a few days ago, President Trump made it publicly known that Facebook’s sudden demonetization of conservative pages,the removal of many conservative groups,  and users was in fact influenced and now it is evident why. 

Almost instantly when Loomer’s account was removed from twitter I received multiple messages from fellow journalists.  Many of them asking me if I spoke with her and others telling me it was a “matter of time because she doesn’t hold her tongue” or that “she just won’t stop hounding the corrupt Democrats”. 

Free Speech is never clean. It’s probably always going to offend 50% of the people who encounter it.  It’s toxic and can make you cringe – but that is what makes it amazing.   Centuries ago people had “free speech” and political correctness meant being polite, except for when you were expressing your direct views. 

No one would be persecuted EXCEPT-those that spoke against AUTHORITY or their GOVERNMENT

EXAMPLE: 399BC Socrates speaks to jury at his trial: ‘If you offered to let me off this time on condition I am not any longer to speak my mind… I should say to you, “Men of Athens, I shall obey the Gods rather than you.

No one would be refused services – EXCEPT for those that spoke against AUTHORITY or their GOVERNMENT. 

EXAMPLE: 1 BC Mary Magdalene was refused services at the market because she followed Jesus.

No one would thrown in prison- EXCEPT for those who spoke against AUTHORITY or their GOVERNMENT

EXAMPLE: 1633 Galileo Galilei hauled before the Inquisition after claiming the sun does not revolve around the earth.

No one would be executed – EXCEPT for those who spoke against AUTHORITY or their GOVERNMENT

Many examples. Too many to cite. Sticking with the most relative to the substance of discussion:

Martin Luther King Jr. , JFK, Abraham Lincoln… the list is long.

No one was banned from digital platforms- EXCEPT for those who spoke against “AUTHORITY”

Most recent victim: Laura Loomer 


This authority is definitely not our Government because if it were conservatives would be able to enjoy the benefits of the digital era and monetize their content and speak their mind without the fear of being banned.   Who is the #ThoughtPolice ? Who decides what is “Free Speech”?

For anyone cheering such actions on I have one message for you: 

This is a slippery slope.

It is about time our President held the digital space accountable for such actions and ensure that the FIRST AMENDMENT is upheld.  Free Speech stops when you cause harm that can be validated and proven, like a black eye, cyber bullying etc.  Making statements, making factual statements and being silenced reminds me of the historical references throughout time where they would behead anyone who spoke against a King or Queen.

Jack Dorsey my question to you is :

Who is the King or Queen that dictates what is acceptable to say?  

My take on Free Speech
Factual Statement vs Direct Hate
What rules? I don’t see how that tweet broke any rules. #StopTheBias

It is time to hold these companies that claim to offer an open platform of FREE SPEECH and are now a means of official communication accountable. The FIRST AMENDMENT of our Constitution is FIRST for a REASON

 President Trump, IT’S TIME! #StopTheBias

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