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You should never be ashamed to love your country

As always as the end of a year comes to an end people always reflect and make statements about resolutions they will vow to keep for the upcoming year. On a personal note 2017 wasn’t friendly to me. Illness befell my household, moving, the 3 courses I owed for my MBA and PhD defense had to go on hold…my eldest fought for her right to graduate HS early… In a nutshell it was a mess. Though I stand by my usual statement that those who know me personally know I repeat often:

“Hardships and mistakes are the best part of life because they are the driving force for your personal evolution and should never be used to depict who you are today as baggage but as badges”.

From the day President Donald J. Trump swore in (though it was festering for decades) we saw the term “Politics are dirty” substantiated. Our President has provided many lessons for us mere citizens. A man who was never a politician, nor claimed to run for the highest position in government any US Citizen can attain and won. This is very important I will circle back to it’s importance at the end of this entry. Through his career and personal interactions, he was familiar with the inner workings of our government as far as the avenues he had available allowed him too. He won because it was necessary that he win for our country’s sovereignty and to reinforce the foundations of our country’s very existence. His presidency was sorely needed to boost the morale of the people, build up market confidence and reinforce the principles our founding fathers had when they signed the Declaration of Independence.

As we all know from history taught in primary school, the reason the United States was created was so that there was no RULING CLASS. This meant the people had the power to change things they found didn’t work for them. This meant limited government authority, the country working for the people, not the people working for the country etc.. all outlined in the Bill of Rights. Looking back in 2017 we see that there is INDEED a RULING CLASS only they are “invisible” or shall I say hidden in plain sight with the passive participation and acceptance of the people affording them the right to be Above the Law, Dictate the Law and represent their interests ( which aren’t even clear) but obviously not that of the people. They are now officially coined the #DEEPSTATE.

Historically, immigrants left their countries centuries ago to come to the USA, with the hopes that the streets would be paved with gold if they worked hard enough. That they would have a say in their aspirations, economy, laws, education, and health. Basically, the foundations of capitalism. The United States was the first sovereign nation in modern history to embrace capitalism with a diverse population.

At this point, I feel it is important to point out that the pillars of our country’s foundation were honorable and deserve the highest merit — Nevertheless, the people who implemented them in retrospect were accustomed to a more socialistic or monarchy like ruling which they slowly over a century implemented under the umbrella of liberalism after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. They “allowed” the people to win battles like banning slavery, civil rights movement etc.. but they conditioned us into socialism from the very thing we considered a God sent gift… social security.

Social Security was invented for two reasons:

  • Help fund the government while you are able bodied and of working age and in turn promised to financially support you when you are not. This was the driving mandated force of making citizens dependent on the government. People didn’t have to work as hard to ensure financial stability in their golden years.
  • The catch. To have this glorious benefit, a mandatory way of keeping track of each citizen by number was ENFORCED. In the same way I number my lab rats and track them from birth to death gathering data from their activities and contribution to my experiments.

Think about it. Why would FREE people want anyone dictating what money they can have when they grow older and cannot work? For thousands of years around the globe nations with eons of history were just fine. Don’t take my word for it. Greece introduced a version of social security and within 30 years on an accelerated plan as the population is smaller and easier to control are the epitome of pseudo-democracy and literally work for their government. Neo-socialism.

How did the #deepstate achieve this?

They created the dependent population — the slaves they brought in. The migrant workers that couldn’t acclimate. It was the quiet plan that unfolded under everyone’s nose because no one was paying attention. The plan worked for eons in many nations and the implementation of establishing a willing RULING CLASS government by the #deepstate underestimated what a diverse population with no real heritage loyalties but a flag and a concept would do. One thing about human nature is that it has too many variables to count. Even if you plotted human behavior as nodes — human response is the perfect example for mathematical chaos theory. There is no real pattern one can determine because humans by nature adapt and evolve faster than any other living thing each at their own rate depicted by their inherent intelligence which negates any capability to predict emotions and responses simply because they cannot be quantified in the absolute.

So what lessons can we as citizens of the United States learn from 2017?

We must acknowledge that we have full control by the laws afforded to us to dictate our government representative’s actions. We need to be the bull in the china cabinet and redeem our country. This starts with our local communities. How many of you feel that your city council is not working for you? Don’t complain-take action. That is what I intend to do. If each and every one of us took the initiative to Make America Great Again — 2018 will be amazing because our President is working top down, but are we doing our part, bottom up?

Ambassador Haley made it clear what the message of 2017 should be for all Americans with this ONE perfectly clear message :

It is evident from this bullish statement Ms. Haley made that the Ruling Class has extended beyond the borders of the United States. It is important to note that the Ruling Class and the Elitists are two different beasts, the later is of a small group that doesn’t have as MUCH power as we think because it is dependent on the ruling class known as the #deepstate . I may be biased because of my heritage but over 2000 years ago a famous philosopher named Aristotle made it clear:

Giving full sovereignty to either the governing body or the laws might make room for abuses of power and suggests that a polity is probably least susceptible to corruption, especially when the laws are given higher authority than the governing body. ~Aristotle

This is exactly what we must learn from 2017. Generations before us and those of voting age today have literally forfeited their rights to a ruling class known as the #deepstate . The #deepstate has been successful in their venture to create government-citizen dependency. This is WHY we see that the LAWS of our NATION are not held in higher authority than those who are part of governing bodies. Every day some half-educated citizen claims “If Hillary were guilty she’d be in jail” NO. She wouldn’t because she is part of the RULING CLASS. Keep in mind that the #deepstate ensured that they had channels to push propaganda- to promote their covert agenda. Any source of information contradicting or exposing them is “suicided”, readily silenced, ridiculed or dismissed again through the dependency plan. With the exponential growth of the population of our nation, messages are no longer carried through cities by people on horse like Paul Revere but through radio, television and social media which the people in themselves have forfeited their rights to checks and balances from learned behavior of blind trust and faith in the press.

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Many reading this will scoff but I challenge you to think. Entertain the evidence of ruling class from a micro perspective. I live in a state the feeds, fuels and protects our country. A state fiscally independent with ZERO federal deficit and the only state that has a STATE FUNDED BANK. North Dakota has a population pushing only 1 million and has two seasons : Winter and Road work season. It’s cold and it was founded in the late 1800s. North Dakota is one of our nation’s top contributors to our nation’s economy. It is here that the ruling class is VERY evident. Personally, I was faced with the most corrupt, above the law behavior, pass the buck, conceal the finds, use all my might ruling class of North Dakota in a recent venture. Speaking with many constituents and lawmakers — “it happens all the time” and people choose to roll over was a constant theme. “Yeah you can’t beat em — people have tried. You just got to put your head down”.

Unless we live under a monarchy I don’t see why this is OK. What happened to transparency, citizens’ voice or elected officials actually promoting and representing the citizens’ interests.

This is where the people of the United States should take courage and realize there is no better time than now. We have a President who backs the people, who wants the people to take back their country, who wants them to embrace capitalism as it was intended in 1776 and who affords us the opportunity to do so.

I realized just a few days ago that in 2015 my city was audited by the OIG with a report titled below:

The City of Minot, ND, Did Not Fully Comply With Federal and Local Procurement Requirements

I then found information that the city attorney Colleen Auer around that time had filed a complaint against Cindy Hemphill about all these “mishandlings” and then some…who’s named in the report and let it be known a very “close” friend of the extended term Mayor Curt Zimbleman. Colleen Auer’s dismissal was blatant retaliation, no due process and pretty much the elected officials and those they had hired were above the law. Let’s keep it was indeed determined by the OIG report that Cindy Hemphill, who was Finance Director at the time was indeed non-compliant FEMA/HUD funds. Promptly after the OIG report response, she resigned under a veil of secrecy. Yes, the local MSM made sure they were as evasive as possible. One story– no follow-up — backstory — evidently NO JOURNALISM or TRANSPARENCY. What is most extraordinary is that this OIG report was never broadcast on local/regional networks, nor was it readily available to the public unless they were well versed on where to look or in the “know”. #MumsTheWord

Moreover, the city hired the same person who was found responsible for funds mishandling as a contractor again in the same position to “help with the transition”. FFWD to 2017. Let’s not forget to mention that the Supreme Court in ND dismissed the case Colleen Auer had against the city. They don’t like people telling them what to do — especially if they aren’t part of their “clique”.

October 2017 Deputy Sheriff Poston filed a sexual harassment complaint against the State’s Attorney. Immediately thereafter he was put on administrative leave due to medications that may possibly impact his ability to drive (??). He petitioned his case in November. This is again retaliation by the ruling class this time to a Sheriff’s Deputy. December 2017: he is requesting back pay for admin leave since he was off duty without pay (???) and the commissioner’s office did not read the medical report nor seem to be any rush to do so? If that isn’t above the law behavior I don’t know what is! What happened to journalists? Why are the citizens not responding? Because the ruling class of the city of Minot and in general North Dakota dictate what is news on their regional TV and Radio and their elected officials don’t voluntarily give such information. If you ask me what we saw in regards to dictating the news from WIKILEAKS showing DNC command of narratives and journalists asking for permission …I wouldn’t be surprised the same goes on in North Dakota.

To reinforce just how corrupt the state government of ND is I was astounded to find out that there is no oversight committee of grievance procedure without financial burden to a citizen when exploring my avenues to possibly filing a formal complaint against the Attorney General’s office of the state for misuse of public office? No IG, no grievance procedures — basically they can do as they please with no check and balances EXCEPT if you decide to take them to civil court and shell up thousands of dollars — Good Luck finding an attorney that will go against the AG of ND. From my understanding, the First Amendment affords us the right to petition our government for redress of grievances without burden or prosecution? How has this been overlooked in the state of North Dakota? How is this clear dismissal of First Amendment rights even possible in 2017? Why? #deepstate

What am I doing to correct it?

I am taking a play out of our President’s playbook. Like I said I would circle back to his victory. If he can knock out 17 opponents with the RULING CLASS swinging and punching with all resources (and they are many) afforded to them… and WIN- anyone can. I encourage every single one of you fed up with how things are done to run for office in your town, city, county or state. I for one will be vocal and making evident the ugly that exists. No tip-toeing or fake smiles. I don’t claim to know how to run a city but I sure know how to surround myself with people that do. No hiring friends, no “job security” because you are so and so’s friend.. or you own this business or you gave me xyz $$ for my campaign. I am going to run on the same premise EVERY single citizen of this country should. Enough is Enough.

I will be the BULL in the ruling classes’ china cabinet here in my city. I won’t run because I am xyz. No titles- no tiaras. Just me. My job, education, family status, sex, religion — all off the table. The only requirement I need to fulfill is that I am a citizen. That is all I am going to use against anyone who runs for Mayor. Bottom line is We all have one general choice in life:

Are you the spectator or a participant?

I chose to be a participant because I want to make sure that my children are not forced to be spectators in their life. I am running to fix it because I am not going to wait around for someone else to do it and there is no better time than now. I want to contribute to Make North Dakota Great Again #MNDGA and that will, in turn, play a part in Making America Great Again. No matter how small.

#DrainTheSwamp doesn’t just apply to Washington, D.C. it applies to every single public office there is across our nation. As citizens, we have been passive for way too long. It’s time to put a stop to the Ruling Class because it has no place in OUR AMERICA.

Our Nation, Our Voice — — — Not theirs.

Love of Country

100% People Funded

Thank you


  1. You surely know this was a generational mind fuckery put onto the people. This subversion and transformation began a long time ago, it became the normal and every transition within government came new laws and policies with patriotic names and propaganda. History fed to the population is a lie. The true history defies acceptance given the magnitude of the deception. We could have some really great discussions you and I.
    Unfettered belief in Titles and Tiaras the very ticket to authoritarianism . I have called them Ties and Make-up . Funny no one has traveled here to comment or maybe you don’t leave comments up. Thanks for listening.

    1. I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a phenomenal job with relaying the facts to us. Please be careful and stay safe, as we all know how these nefarious elitists and so-called rulers of today are so very hell bent on destroying everything that is good in this world. I sincerely hope you’re doing well.
      I also believe we’ve come to a point in time that’s quite evident and blatantly obvious many of us have been lied to over the years, and we cannot continue to turn a blind eye, ignore the truth and expect just one person to save us. “We are the mirror as well as the face in it” (Rumi, 13th century poet).

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