Heitkamp Talk Of Hanging The President, Larsen Criticizes Ilhan Omar, Guess Who Is Crucified?


In the past weeks Project Veritas has exposed rabid bias against President Trump and American citizens that support him. The level of explicit bias is evident not only on a national media platform, but local too! The state of North Dakota is predominantly Republican and support President Trump with an […]

ICYMI-More Than 60 Hospital Employees Fired For Accessing Medical Records Belonging To Recently Indicted Jussie Smollett, Say They’ve Been Wrongfully Accused

Haley Kennington

Former employees of Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital say they were wrongfully accused of accessing Jussie Smollett’s personal medical files, and were fired on the spot earlier this week without any explanation. The story broke on Wednesday when the former medical assistants and administrative workers of the hospital spoke with Dana Kozlov […]

CNN Lawsuit -NOT a WIN

Tore 1

CNN filed a lawsuit against the White House for revoking WH Press Credentials of their long time WH correspondent Jim Acosta. Jim Acosta for some reason seems to be the “beacon” of journalism for the those that claim to be a part of “acceptance” and “tolerance”.   He’s not.  Jim Acosta […]

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