UK Refuses Asylum To Iranian Who Converted To Christianity Claiming “Christianity Is Not Peaceful,” Quotes Excerpts From Revelations

An Iranian man has been refused asylum because on his application he stated he converted from Islam to the “peaceful religion of Christianity, according to The Independent. In the Iranian national’s rejection letter, The Home Office quoted excerpts from Revelations and claimed the last book of the Bible is “filled […]


American Activists Accused of Kidnapping Caravan Migrant Child

In interviews with Mexican media, Pastor Albert Rivera related the dramatic scene that unfolded. Rivera said three days passed before members of his staff told him that they had witnessed some of the migrants using marijuana and crystal meth. Shortly after, he said an altercation occurred in the computer lab at the shelter, when a migrant man began yelling at a fourteen-year-old migrant and calling him a thief. Several men began bullying the boy, who started pointing at several of the migrants, claiming that they were using drugs provided by some of the American activists.

34 Migrants Arrested In Tijuana: Resisting Arrest, Public Intoxication and Drug Charges

According to a news release, Tijuana Police stated that under order from the mayor, several inspections and checkpoints have produced 34 arrests of migrants reportedly for public intoxication, disturbing the peace, resisting police and some were found to be in possession of drugs including cocaine and methamphetamine. PoliciaTijuanaSSPM (@SSPMTijuana) tweeted […]