Ethiopian Boeing Tragedy “Survivor” Testimony RAISES QUESTIONS


What happened to Flight 302 from Ethiopia to Kenya? One person survived to tell the story of March 10, 2019 being the luckiest day of his life. Was it really luck? His statement on what transpired from not being allowed to board the aircraft to the airports not being able […]


American Activists Accused of Kidnapping Caravan Migrant Child

In interviews with Mexican media, Pastor Albert Rivera related the dramatic scene that unfolded. Rivera said three days passed before members of his staff told him that they had witnessed some of the migrants using marijuana and crystal meth. Shortly after, he said an altercation occurred in the computer lab at the shelter, when a migrant man began yelling at a fourteen-year-old migrant and calling him a thief. Several men began bullying the boy, who started pointing at several of the migrants, claiming that they were using drugs provided by some of the American activists.

Twitter: President Trump Announces “A Salute To America” Will Be Held On July 4th, Liberals Respond By Pretending To Be Patriotic For 280 Characters.

President Donald J. Trump announced via Twitter on Sunday “A Salute To America,” will be held at the Lincoln Memorial on July 4th, 2019 and promised the event to be one of the largest gatherings in DC to date. Liberals swooped in to express their loathing for such a patriotic […]

Covington Catholic High School Cancelled Tuesday Due To “Safety Concerns”

Covington Catholic High School was cancelled on Tuesday due to “safety concerns,”according to reporter for The Gateway Pundit, Cassandra Fairbanks. Parents were notified via prerecorded message and/or email Monday evening that school would be cancelled on Tuesday after concerns were raised that a far-left Native American group and local chapters […]