Pathetic: NBC’s Chuck Todd Upset ISIS Leader Killed


Originally posted by Tore on October 28, 2019 In his first ever interview as National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien held great composure while the petty Chuck Todd did nothing but aggressively and angrily express contempt for the elimination of an ISIS leader. O’Brien kept circling back to reinforce what […]


Erdogan Urges Turks and Iranians to Donate To Ilhan Omar’s Campaign As Iranian Media Says Omar Met With Rouhani


This article was originally posted on LauraLoomer.US Laura Loomer contributed to this exclusive LauraLoomer.US report In the fall of 2017, FBI Director Christopher Wray established the Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF) to identify and counteract malign foreign influence operations targeting the United States as the FBI website states. Foreign influence operations are […]



According to Epstein flight manifests former Impeached President Bill Clinton along with passengers that are listed below were picked up by Jefferey Epstein in Japan with a final destination of Brunei. While I scoured records to find flights and or events of former President Clinton attending Asia nations – I […]

Protest Demanding Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx Resign Planned For Monday April 1st in Chicago

Haley Kennington

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police have planned a protest in front of Kim Foxx’s office on Monday, April 1st-April Fool’s Day- fitting. The FOP #7 is demanding that Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx resign from her position over the handling of “Empire” star Jussie Smollett’s case. After all […]

OREGON: Bill Passed to Legalize Starving Mentally Ill Patients so they Die Faster

Tore 2

The most recent bill to pass in Oregon illustrates the state of our nation’s health. As a nation we are morally spent. We have people advocating for infanticide, advocating for putting “down” those which cost too much to cure under the guise of “assisted suicide” and now advocating to expedite […]