California Woman Aiding And Encouraging Production Of Child Pornography


A criminal investigation between 2015 -2016 lead investigators to a Madera County woman named Ashley Maddox. Maddox had exchanged various communications with a man convicted of possessing and creating child pornography. Maddox had exchanged various messages on KIK discussing their mutual sexual interest in minors and encouraging him to create […]

Heitkamp Talk Of Hanging The President, Larsen Criticizes Ilhan Omar, Guess Who Is Crucified?


In the past weeks Project Veritas has exposed rabid bias against President Trump and American citizens that support him. The level of explicit bias is evident not only on a national media platform, but local too! The state of North Dakota is predominantly Republican and support President Trump with an […]

Erdogan Urges Turks and Iranians to Donate To Ilhan Omar’s Campaign As Iranian Media Says Omar Met With Rouhani


This article was originally posted on LauraLoomer.US Laura Loomer contributed to this exclusive LauraLoomer.US report In the fall of 2017, FBI Director Christopher Wray established the Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF) to identify and counteract malign foreign influence operations targeting the United States as the FBI website states. Foreign influence operations are […]

GUILTY: Mother Pimped Out 4 & 5 Year Old Children

Tore 1

This case is what nightmares are made of for children. Morgan Summerlin, 25 was incarcerated for something unrelated and her two daughters were placed with temporary guardians. It was in the custody of these strangers that the children described the horrid crimes they were victim of. The children told them […]

Broward County Pro-Illegal Immigration Why Are They Upset?


Broward County that is known for fraudulent elections, corrupt Sheriffs and controversial happenings including multiple Open Border Protests. Broward County has very active PRO IMMIGRANT groups with various protests supporting the influx of illegal migrants and demanding OPEN borders. Such immigrant-rights groups are the Florida Immigrant Coalition, Broward Immigrant Justice […]

TX: Service Provider for Disabled Persons Pleads Guilty to Aggravated Assault


Texas has 13 facilities that house developmentally and intellectually disabled Texans. These facilities provide 24 hr assistance to qualified Texans and also provide comprehensive behavioral treatment services and health care services, including physician services, nursing services and dental services. These State Supported Living Centers help their residents with building skills […]

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