Journalist And Avid Pedophilia Researcher Liz Crokin Suspended From Twitter

Just four days after conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer was permanently suspended from social media giant Twitter, it seems Liz Crokin has suffered the same fate. RELATED:  LOOMER BANNED FROM TWITTER A man by the name of Darrell Lucas posted an article on Crokin via, just a few hours before […]




Who’s the Authority she spoke against? Laura Loomer is a conservative journalist that is a “Boots on the Ground” reporter.  She is not driven by her advertisers or special interests.  Her only interest is to hold those that violate our country’s laws and constitution accountable. She is 100% financed by […]

Where We Go One We Go All

Tore 1

Last night was a moment where the world witnessed American unity.  Tens of thousands of people including four different (maybe more) police departments in Florida united in a combined effort. It was a clear depiction of what being an American is.  TRENDING: This is Orwellian Warfare This man was in a place […]

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