UN Claims Sovereignty In Utah

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Originally posted by Tore on October 28, 2019 An activist speaking out about the UN was targeted over the weekend, and told she had no rights at a UN-controlled event in Utah. Private land ownership contributes to social injustice therefore public land use is indispensable. United Nations “Habitat I” […]


Parkland Shooting, Suicides, Subpoenas & Shady Situations

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The Parkland Shooting and everything surrounding it is getting very strange and eerie. There is an undertone that is like a boulder in the pit of my stomach. Obfuscation and court orders not being followed. Fired Sheriff and “resigning” deputies. Investigations initiated on Principals a year later. The alleged shooter’s […]

OREGON: Bill Passed to Legalize Starving Mentally Ill Patients so they Die Faster

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The most recent bill to pass in Oregon illustrates the state of our nation’s health. As a nation we are morally spent. We have people advocating for infanticide, advocating for putting “down” those which cost too much to cure under the guise of “assisted suicide” and now advocating to expedite […]