FEDERAL CIRCUS COURT | Did Barr Lower The Bar On Justice Or Was It A Smoke Out?


The Department of Justice withdrew their petition to the court to sentence General Michael Flynn. Normally, this would be an immediate dismissal and almost purge of the case, so what is the hold up? Why the sudden CHANGE? Judge Sullivan made it clear: NO PUBLIC OPINION ON HIS DOCKET but now says yes?

The Department of Justice didn’t really do anything but hand the ball over to Judge Sullivan in the malicious prosecution of General Flynn by Barack Hussein Obama. This, for me, was a MASSIVE red flag. None of us are actual prosecutors or lawyers but the ONLY way to kill the case would be to REPRIMAND the prosecutor who prosecuted General Flynn knowing that it was a set up. They had access to ALL the documents. ALL OF THEM. The prosecutor KNEW that General Flynn was framed and this was dishonest.

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In the courts that is called MALICIOUS PROSECUTION. The action warrants DISBARMENT and dismissing the case due to misconduct, making the case UNPROSECUTABLE. #LaymanLegalese

Former federal prosecutors like Tim Purdon, literal clowns pick and prod for “Correctable Errors” pushing the whole “Prosecute Flynn Without A Prosecutor”.

Today it was made known publicly that Judge Sullivan has decided to allow “PUBLIC OPINION” as seen below with a MISSING filing … even though a while back he said NO.

It’s as if Judge Sullivan is UPSET that there is no prosecutor. Wait…is the Judge now Prosecutor and Judge? Tipping the scales? Was this the purpose that AG William Barr didn’t remove all “discretion” from the judge? Was he trying to set him up to expose his politicization of his judicial functions or did it backfire?


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Above is an exhibit that clearly states that “friend of the court” documents have NO place in matters of official proceedings related to criminal charges. The Minute Order above was written by Judge Sullivan HIMSELF with respect to General Flynn’s case. This reversal of opinion sounds like the Judge is “advertising” for a prosecutor to pick up the case. If the petitioner is the Department of Justice and they withdrew their petition, then who will be the new complaining party?

Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s attorney filed an opposition to the filing.

The proposed amicus brief has no place in this Court.No further delay should be tolerated or any further expense caused to him and his defense.

Sidney Powell Attorney for General Flynn

Today I was told by multiple sources that clerks and chamber personnel of Judge Ellis and others from the Eastern District of Virginia were getting messages and or notes to be passed on to Judge Sullivan.

Obviously, former federal prosecutors have been reaching out incessantly to find ways to “GET FLYNN”. One of the federal prosecutors have suggested to move this case to a STATE level court. That would mean that the new petitioner would be representing the STATE and not the USA.

One way they can do this is by finding a corrupt Attorney General of a state willing to file charges. Unconfirmed sources say that Tim Purdon reached out to the AG of North Dakota, Wayne Stenehjem, to ask if he would consider filing such charges.

Is AG Barr showing his true allegiance? After all, Robert Mueller, an old friend of his STOLE over $50 MIL federal tax dollars on a sham investigation and gave it to a company that is outside of the USA to spy on us for information Mueller could have used. (Story coming on that soon)

OR is AG Barr purposely handing the ball to Judge Sullivan to allow him to show HIS true colors and favorite clown nose. I love people that are on a path for redemption and I want to believe that AG Barr didn’t do this to “GET FLYNN”.

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#SCOTUSGATE has begun and this case will be lagging and slow walked waiting for the Supreme Court to chime in. This has never happened before and thus, SCOTUS will have to take lead or be seen for exactly WHO they are. It not like SCJ Ruth Bader-Ginsburg will die or anything now…, right? If that happens … General Flynn will be in limbo until the new SCOTUS is confirmed. #TimeTravellingTore

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