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Kansas City| You Can’t Enter A Business Without Providing Identification

On April 29, 2020 Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City, Missouri outlined his “soft opening” and ended his stay-at-home order. His announcement was in tune with ORDERS and using the KEY phrase ALL Governors are parroting: SMART RESTART . It’s almost as if they are all sharing the same talking points. Operation ECHO

We’re going to reopen but we’re going to be smart about it.

Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City

According to his PLAN that begins at 12:01 a.m. on May 6, follows a 10/10/10 rule.

  • 10%: building occupancy, or;
  • 10 people inside: whichever is greater
  • 10 minutes: businesses and organizations must keep track of people inside for longer periods by a sign-in

Apparently, you can be in a group of 10 indoors and groups of 50 outdoors so that social distancing is observed. That includes religious gatherings. This can be an issue as ticket prices for events will be higher EXCLUDING lower income citizens to enjoy activities as concerts or going to a bar. The business owners will have to make up for the deficit somehow. Though that isn’t the most alarming part of his “PLAN”.

Lucas claims that “essential businesses” such as grocery stores, medical and dental offices, pharmacies and other essential businesses aren’t subject to the 10/10/10 rule. Those businesses have facial recognition and avenues to trace people that came to their business readily available like insurance, method of payment, surveillance, medical information and appointment details.

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Non-essential retail stores and personal care services like hair salons and home good stores can resume in-person operations on May 6 in Kansas City under this new rule. Gyms, museums, bars, restaurants and movie theaters will be able to reopen on May 15 depending on how the soft roll out this week for those business go on FOLLOWING THE 10/10/10 RULE.

The businesses are REQUIRED to IDENTITY and RECORD each individual that enters their business. In other words, if you get a haircut your hairdresser must document your Drivers License of State ID.

Our goal isn’t to see what everyone is doing and be Big Brother.

Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City

Lucas is testing a new way of CONTACT TRACING in order to be able to isolate and quickly trace individuals who may have been exposed to the virus when they were at the place of business.

Mayor Lucas has REQUIRED businesses to REFUSE services to those unwilling to provide their identification.

How is the Mayor of Kansas City able to tell a business owner how to operate? Are their criminal charges he will file and under what statute? I believe US Attorney Matthew Schneider should begin the duties he was appointed to do by AG Barr.

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If your state’s governor or mayor violates any of your civil rights, you can contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan led by Matthew Schneider. Schneider was just recently appointed by Attorney General Barr as lead for ALL civil liberty violations by mayors and or governors under the guise of this Infodemic across the nation.

Since the Mayor of Kansas City is demanding identification for haircuts does that mean he supports identification for voting? That should be a no brainer.

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