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EXPOSED: Twitter Censors Conservatives But Allows Child Pornography

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has been “living” in Africa after his Twitter account was “hacked” just a few months ago. Interesting timing considering his company is facing lawsuits and scrutiny for their actions. I can only imagine what was found in his DMs and what H1B visas may have spoken up about with the promise of citizenship.

FUN FACT: Did you know that only about a dozen of the 54 nations that make up the African continent have extradition treaties with the United States of America?

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Jack Dorsey’s social media platform played a very serious and prominent role in the 2018 elections – and now the 2020 elections – by regulating public discourse via banning voices that do not align with HIS values or his idea of “safety”. Dorsey and all those that speak or work on behalf of Twitter have been consistent in reciting their well-versed script of “safe speech”, no violence or abuse platform, that consistently leans more left every time their Terms of Service (TOS) are updated. Safety first. Zero tolerance of abuse. That is their supposed guideline right?

Abuse occurs when people mistreat or misuse other people, showing no concern for their integrity or innate worth as individuals, and in a manner that degrades their well-being.

Definition of Abuse (pertaining to living beings)

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Dorsey believes that the following recent examples are what constitute abusive content:

Stating Facts or Re-posting Facts.

Speaking Up About #incestOmar

Demonstrating Voter Fraud


Pronoun Police

Dorsey, the abuse we all regularly think of does not go against Twitter’s Terms of Service. In fact, with great confidence we can say that the majority of the human population can agree that sexual abuse is abuse, and that ANY sexual act involving children is unquestionably ABUSE. Instead, we have Mainstream Media giants (MSM) and journalists advocating to silence citizen journalists who expose their rhetoric as propaganda.

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Laura Loomer is suing Big Tech giants for banning her off their platforms for her political views. They have even gone to the extreme to cite her as dangerous, while predators exploiting prepubescent children on their platforms is not?

Why are they not as loud and concerned for the tens of thousands of children on Twitter who are forced to perform sexual acts? Remember, they celebrated the expulsion of Alex Jones and Laura Loomer from Twitter claiming TWITTER is a safe place now. Is it?

Everyone thinks that perverts and evil people who exploit and abuse children are in the dark corners of the internet, but they are not. They are in your home, on your televisions, in the halls of Congress, in the Senate, in the halls of justice, your military, the Pentagon, your hospitals, and on your social media platforms.

During the course of our short investigation we found that there were tens of thousands of Twitter accounts that have been live for years on Twitter tweeting out porn videos and pictures with the hashtags #porn or #nonude (pedo term for child), #jailb8 or #teenie, that don’t get removed. Pedophiles are posting videos of prepubescent children performing salacious acts on adults ON Twitter. There is no censoring of the images or videos (not links to videos – actual videos) whatsoever by the social media platform.

We noticed a few days ago that Twitter even CENSORED the Department of Defense’s tweet.

It seems interesting how Twitter flags the tweets of the Department of Defense as sensitive but allows videos and pictures of prepubescent children performing sexual acts to exist. We reported two videos. One video had a female child with an adult woman engaging in sexual acts. The other video had a child no older than 8-years-old performing fellatio on a grown male. (In the Tweet Below – you can only see the forehead. Very Graphic)

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It took over 3 hours and multiple complaints to get Twitter to shut that ONE account down.

It’s not just one account but tens of thousands. Many of them showing children performing sexual acts, being sodomized, underwear submitted by stepdads and fathers, and videos of prepubescent girls stripping. This has got to be one of the most disturbing things to come across because you cannot unsee it. Below are a handful of accounts found on Twitter that share, create, or promote child pornography. In fact, while collecting information for this investigation, we noticed that some photos posted seem to be targeting children for abductions by providing locations and or being unknowingly photographed.

As a reminder, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, and many other prominent conservative, controversial voices have been banned from Twitter. Award-winning journalist Liz Crokin was banned for pointing out pedophilic tweets of talentless Chrissy Teigen, who brags about having public sex with her husband and Obama she called “The Obama Thing“.

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There are tens of thousands of Twitter accounts that post horrific child sexual abuse, promote pedophilia, and lewd sexual acts with children.

Perverted individuals are running amok on Twitter, yet conservative voices are banned instantly. Here is a sample of the content ALLOWED on Twitter.

We have so many questions. Where is the outrage? Why is NO ONE talking about this? Why is TWITTER banning FREE SPEECH but allowing CHILD EXPLOITATION? Why aren’t they making algorithms to combat child and human trafficking? Could the answer be in Jack Dorsey’s DMs? Is he hiding in Africa? Was he arrested when we all thought he went missing?

While Social Media and the MSM want to convince you that using the wrong pronouns or making the statement that ABORTION is MURDER are dangerous and warrant being exiled from public discourse, the real evil is allowed to fester. Truth be told, it seems to be embraced by them.

Remember that ABC buried the Epstein story of perpetual child and human trafficking.

They quietly ousted Matt Lauer who had a button to lock his victims in the office, Chris Matthews’ abrupt “termination”, Monica Lewinsky’s “affair”- Barack Hussein Obama’s possible THREESOMES with Legend and Teigen, and much more swept under the radar. Even convicted sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is embraced by them all – including the former First “Lady”.



If you advocate for these poor children and expose those complacent and the perpetrators, you may indeed not only lose your job, but possibly your life!

Twitter claims to be pushing for a “SAFE PLATFORM” continuously working with their TRUST and SAFETY COUNCIL.

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As of today, they are labeling content as real or fake. We saw a few examples online but NONE of the CHILD PORNOGRAPHY is censored or labeled.

Twitter’s actions and priorities, seem to be fostering an environment where child abuse and exploitation can flourish.

Let that sink in. We are the News. Let’s get talking.

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