BREAKING: US Delivers 70 Military Choppers Pagasetic Gulf- Iran Not Imminent Threat Turkey Is


According to “Ocean Giant” has moored and is currently unloading weapons and fighter helicopters in the Pagasetic Gulf.

This mass shipment from the USA to Greece happened today due to the rising instability of Turkey now that Iran Sanctions are called to be enforced.

The delivery was critical for Greece to ensure we can fend off air to air attacks by Turkey who are aggressively responding to growing pressure to uphold Iran sanctions. They are a NATO ally but that means nothing. It’s not Iran we are worried about it’s Turkey.

Lt. Col Giannakopoulos Volos, Greece

Kiowa Warrior, Chinook and other reinforcements have been sent by the USA to Greece which were mostly part of an order previously placed but also to ensure that Greece Military Forces is ready and strong enough to defend themselves to the threats being faced in the that the US hopes will increase the readiness and strength of Greece’s military for the upcoming possible threats based on behavior of their neighbor Turkey.

Statement by Ministry of Defense Greece

OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

Ocean Giant has anchored up and 70 used Kiowas and Chinooks are being unloaded at the moment as well as accessories for both OH-58D and other types of weapons that are not being disclosed.

According to Magnesia News six of the helicopters flew out already and others will follow to the neighboring city of Stefanovikio, Thessaly. Other aircraft and weapons will be transported by trucks and reassembled by the Army Air Force Staff at the 307 Adjusted Base Factory.

Greece had purchased used US-58D Kiowa Warriors and Chinook CH-47Ds from the US Army for $44.5 Million earlier this year.

They were delivered a lot sooner than expected due to the rising tensions and actions of Turkey in the past 4 weeks. These couldn’t have come at a better time with our lack of surveillance units around our borders.

Public Liason Kyriopoulos for the Greek Air Force Command

The Central Armed Forces Command of Greece find that these units will assist to fulfill their needs for surveillance around Greece’s borders due to the Mast Mounted Sight (MMS) features they have which would allow for high-resolution and thermal imaging which is something the Greek Military lacks.

It’s evident that something is happening in the Mediterranean and the FAKE NEWS are purporting it’s Iran, when it’s evident that it’s their very close ally, Turkey. It will be interesting to see if President Trump visits Erdogan in Turkey in the next coming weeks as planned. A lot can happen between now and then.

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