BETO Constituent Arrested for Capital Murder May Believe INFANTICIDE is Her Legal Right

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The Born Alive Bill Failed in the U.S. Senate just days before a teenager of El Paso decided to kill her newborn child because she didn’t want it.

How seared must a conscience be to stand on the floor of the U.S. Senate and object to protecting living babies?

Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

Erica Gomez of El Paso, who is seventeen years old faces capital murder charges for the Feb. 9 killing of her newborn child by way of 9 stab wounds.


According to Fox and court documents, Gomez gave birth to a baby girl on February 9, 2019 in the bathroom of her house. She wrapped the infant girl in a bathrobe and put her in the neighbors shed. She then went to sleep. Her mother observed that she was bleeding and took Gomez to the hospital where it was determined by the medical staff that she had a miscarriage according to the court document.

Gomez did not tell her parents, medical staff or any law enforcement that she had given birth as she was scared of consequences. That evening a neighbor’s child found the young infant girl in the shed and brought it inside the house. They called the police who came and observed the infant that was in the neighbor’s home.

They determined the child was that of Gomez and a forensic examination and autopsy ensued.

The infant girl was delivered naturally and there were nine entry wound sites. The infant was stabbed 5 times in her back, once on her side and three times in the neck. This was determined by Dr. Diaz who performed the forensic examination. She also determined that the child was found 12 hours after birth and died to to homicidal violence.


Gomez, a student El Dorado High School was arrested 14 days after the murder and is being held at El Paso County jail on an $800,000 bond facing capital murder charges.

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I reached out to Gomez’ classmates and friends to find out what Gomez’ story was. All of them range between the ages of 15-17 and as minors I promised not to reveal their names and or identities.

Many didn’t know she was pregnant, others claimed she was going to keep the baby and sell it, others said she was going to move out and live with her boyfriend who was stringing her along. The stories were conflicting but the majority of them in the chat group we created said it was an abortion and she shouldn’t be in jail.

It’s not murder because she wanted an abortion and just did it herself. She shouldn’t be in jail.

Gomez classmate

Many of them quoted the snippets of coverage by MSM who claimed killing a child up until the time of birth is a “right of women’s health”. All these young children believe they have the right to end the life of an infant because “My Body My Right”.


What this young lady did was murder. She stabbed an innocent young baby girl 9 times and abandoned her in a shed and went straight to back to bed. The rhetoric of the radical leftists MSM along with the educational system that purports radical grievances and ideologies has torn the fabric of basic morals and the sanctity of life.

Beto who is running for President on the Democratic ticket was confronted on Third-Trimester abortions by Millie Weaver a reporter for Infowars.

I reached out to Beto’s campaign team for a comment multiple times one person from his Presidential campaign team in El Paso with broken English said :

“I don’t know of the case which you speak of but as President he intends for every woman to have the right to abort a baby she created at any stage of the pregnancy”.

I followed up with a question:

“So, if it’s easier to give birth to the baby and then kill it to save money is that an abortion or OK?”

The answer was chilling.

“Some people don’t have money to go to the hospital it’s expensive. Her body her choice P@t@ (explicit Spanish word for prostitute)!” and the call was disconnected.

Who is teaching these young girls and women that a human life is so worthless?

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13 thoughts on “BETO Constituent Arrested for Capital Murder May Believe INFANTICIDE is Her Legal Right

  1. I don’t know who wanted the law allowing abortions at any stage. I think congress is so unreliable I think that law should be open for vote with the American people. I haven’t spoken to one person democrat or republican who wanted that law. Congress is to busy trying to impeach the president to work on any real laws

    1. I agree. Something is very wrong here, this recent late term abortion legislation drama is gamey and staged, mostly coming from the Right, if we’re being honest. I am frustrated with many fellow Trump supporters for vilifying pro choice Democrats as pro infanticide, because this is a dangerous lie. (Think clinic terrorism.) FACT: Most pro choice are squarely against late term abortion. This common ground of agreement on a very volatile issue should be respected as a starting point for progress, but instead it’s being distorted and politicized (again, from the Right). I am seriously considering voting on pro choice alone just to put ‘pro life’ in check over this stunt. There appears to be plenty wrong legitimately with PP corruption, violations of 2002 Born Alive Act etc to deal with lawfully, which makes this revved up campaign against the ‘baby murdering Left’ even less justified.
      Get real, did they really think they could convince us to hate half the Nation? I resent the lies, manipulation and division goal. We’re decided enough as it is.

      This hs girl? Who knows, evil, insane…. 17? Where’s the outreach and intervention.

      1. You must consider the act itself. That which would lead a young woman; a teen to
        engage in such brutality. This is not even birth and abandonment, rather, it is murder.
        How vile that we as American citizens can justify such sickness and call it a choice.
        When the fine line between “choice” and murder is crossed, there is no comfort to be had in
        choice. The choice…always seems to be the murder of a helpless human being.
        Never is the choice responsibility, morality, self-control. This is another attack on Western Civilization. How brutal the act carried out against that innocent female infant.
        Motherhood? Clearly, the perpetrator will never become a loving, responsible mother.

      2. Lies? New York already passed such a bill. A Dem in Virginia put forth such a bill. Every Dem in DC voted NOT to save babies born ALIVE from a failed abortion. They are already born & alive. It isn’t the right making crap up, this is fact. Either educate yourself and do some research or stop spouting bullshit trying to blame the right.

        Which is why I don’t buy your entire “fellow Trump supporters” garbage.

  2. Fun story about the supposed Beto campaign member. Nice how you included “dog whistling” regarding her race. Unless you have the name of a known person from his campaign, I’m calling bullshit on your story. And just because this is one messed up little girl who thinks she can kill her baby, that doesn’t mean that other people think it’s correct. Nice try tho!

  3. This 17 yr old, is guilty of murder. People are getting more depraved every day. THE WORLD is running from their only savior, JESUS CHRIST. LORD HELP US return to your glory.

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